UPS helps small businesses deliver big impact

Building green solutions for sustainability-minded SMBs
Steve Jamison Story_ About UPS images Steve Jamison Story_ About UPS images Steve Jamison Story_ About UPS images

Whether it’s using reusable packaging, optimizing delivery routes or cutting carbon emissions with advanced technology, sustainability is integral to UPS. 

These efforts extend beyond UPS’s walls – from helping raise awareness about the impact we have on the planet to working with customers to reinvent their supply chains through innovative and creative thinking.

Take a look at how UPS continues to evolve with small business customers when it comes to sustainable solutions.

Nimble and sustainable

Innovation-driven solutions are key to staying nimble when business needs change overnight, as they often do. See how UPS helped this small business make the switch from storefront to online shopping during the COVID shutdowns.

Making beauty sustainable

The amount of waste the beauty industry creates isn’t pretty, but Green Circle Salons is working to change that. Read how green and brown blend to create a carbon neutral shipping solution. 

Canadian-made garments for social good

Meeting consumer expectations when you’re focused on making positive change in your community isn’t easy. Read how UPS helps Local Laundry take care of the little things, so they can take care of the big things.

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