UPS is supporting a greener supply chain

Sustainability-focused program connects small businesses to the world
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What’s new: Earlier this year, UPS launched a Green Exporters Programme (GEP), offering training and education to small- and medium-sized businesses in Mexico, improving supply chain and boosting access to new markets for sustainable products. Currently, the GEP is helping 131 business in Mexico and is expanding to the U.K. Small to medium businesses can learn more here.

Introducing sustainable processes into logistics and supply chains is critical to ensure that global trade is part of the climate solution. UPS is helping businesses develop new technologies, practices and packaging techniques to lower emissions throughout the supply chain.

Sustainably sourced products can include sustainable garments such as fabrics made from eco-friendly resources. Getting these green goods to new markets can be tricky, but UPS is there to help businesses navigate the process to access this $150 billion market.

Why it matters: UPS is at the center of global trade with a reach that extends to more than 220 countries and territories. Through the GEP, we connect small and medium businesses to markets where UPS has knowledge and experience. This ensures that small and medium-sized businesses can play their part in helping countries reach their climate goals.

The program also helps businesses learn to navigate complex customs and brokerage processes, simplifying global expansion.

The big picture: In addition to GEP, UPS helps small and medium businesses engage in trade through its Women Exporters Program. The program helps women around the world overcome barriers to trade.

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