Brushstrokes bring hope during uncertain times

Exports boost sales for this family-owned small business
Fusion Mineral Paint_ABOUT UPS artboards1440x752.jpg Fusion Mineral Paint_ABOUT UPS artboards768x760.jpg Fusion Mineral Paint_ABOUT UPS artboards1023x960.jpg

What’s the story: Mother-daughter entrepreneurs discovered their paint products uplifted people while the world struggled with pandemic fears. UPS helped FusionTM Mineral Paint grow their business and spread joy beyond the Canadian border.

Success multiplied: As if bringing joy to new customers wasn’t enough, they found out that they also helped new small businesses to grow. They found that lockdowns became an opportunity for many people to create new products using their paint, creating new business opportunities.

Delivering what matters: Small businesses are vital to their local communities and UPS has unique solutions to help them grow. 

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