A fresher, more modern UPS.com

Making the digital experience better for our customers
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What’s new: UPS has introduced a fresher, more modern UPS.com experience designed with the customer in mind.

Why it matters: UPS has one of the most widely used websites in the world with millions of global visitors per day. It’s a hub for digital commerce and an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. And providing the best digital experience through our global smart logistics network is key to our customer-first strategy.

When we asked customers what the ideal UPS digital experience should look like, they gave us two words – simple and useful.

What’s changed: Cleaner design and intuitive navigation make it easier than ever for customers to ship and track packages, get a quote, and schedule a pickup, along with several other enhancements. (Login credentials and profile preferences remain the same.)

Check out the new site or get an overview of the changes in this video.

For more, see what Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren has to say about the new UPS.com.

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