Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity encourages the UPS supply chain to reflect the diversity of communities we serve.
Supplier Diversity Supplier Diversity Supplier Diversity

Our business strategy encourages our supply chain to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

We help ensure that qualified small businesses and diverse firms have the resources and access they need to successfully compete for our business.

By working with suppliers who reflect the markets we serve, we see a wealth of benefits: it helps build customer loyalty, contributes to economic development of communities, and provides the expertise and innovation we need to outperform the competition. That is why we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive supply chain.

Commitment begins at the top

Supplier Diversity is key to our business strategy

“We believe supplier diversity is an important business strategy that brings value to UPS, our customers and our communities. We know that diverse suppliers will help UPS unlock new potential and foster innovation in our business as we move our world forward by delivering what matters.”
        - Carol Tomé, UPS Chief Executive Officer

Authentic and intentional commitment to DEI

“At UPS, we know that if you truly care about inequity anywhere, you should care about it everywhere. That is why Supplier Diversity is a part of our overall commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, along with our commitment to employees, customers and communities.  Being intentional about using our spend, our talents, and our influence to broaden economic inclusion makes a real impact on peoples’ lives and brings incredible value to our business.”
        - Darrell Ford, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for UPS

Ensuring opportunity for diverse businesses

"Contracts are not awarded based on size or diversity, but we know that working to ensure small businesses and diverse companies have equitable access to contract opportunities, makes UPS stronger. Small and diverse businesses bring significant value to UPS, our customers, and our shareowners, and we remain committed to removing barriers to their success."
         - Jim McGrath, Chief Procurement and Real Estate Officer for UPS

Interested in doing business with UPS?

Step 1

Get Certified

Learn About Certifications

Step 2

Register Online

Complete Registration

Registration in the supplier portal is not a guarantee of any contact, interest, or future business with UPS. Rather, registration in the database increases your visibility to our procurement team and makes it easier to find your services if an opportunity becomes available.

Connect with us

Registering your company in the online supplier portal makes it easier for us to find you when we have a need you may be able to fulfill. You can also connect with us through the diverse business development and certification agencies we support.

We partner with organizations that help find, develop and certify diverse businesses, and they can help connect you with corporations at their conferences or through other in-person or virtual events.

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)
National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC)
National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)
WEConnect International
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

If you have any questions, contact the supplier diversity team at 866-577-0632 or

Tier 2 reporting

For UPS customers requesting Tier 2 reports

When you choose UPS for your logistics and transportation needs, know that you’re helping UPS have an even larger impact on small and diverse businesses through our supplier diversity work.

In the U.S. and other select countries, UPS can report our supplier diversity spend results to customers each quarter. Because revenue numbers are used to allocate a portion of that spend to each customer, results are available following each quarter’s public earnings call.

Tier 2 spend can be reported via email or entered into your Tier 2 reporting portal.

If you’re a UPS customer, you can speak with your UPS sales person to request that UPS begin reporting Tier 2 supplier diversity spend to your company or email the request to

For UPS Suppliers Reporting Tier 2 Results

UPS requests suppliers who are not diverse themselves to participate in the UPS Supplier Diversity Tier 2 program. These suppliers are expected to extend our commitment to working with small and diverse businesses by having robust supplier diversity initiatives of their own. Many are asked to report their results to UPS each quarter.

For businesses that may be new to supplier diversity, we can help you get started. Our experience can give you a leg up as your company grows in the commitment to approach diversity and inclusion holistically. Working together, we can amplify our impact on economic inclusion.

If you’re ready to report your Tier 2 spend to UPS, access our reporting portal at: Submit Tier 2 Spend.

If you’re already reporting Tier 2 spend to UPS and need help with system access or reporting methodologies, contact the supplier diversity data team at 866-577-0632 or

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