Pay and benefits help one NYC UPS driver experience the finer things

Peace of mind, even when life gets hard
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Tony Mazzella feels fortunate to work for a company with great pay. Full-time UPS delivery drivers like him average more than $145,000 in pay and benefits – the kind of earnings that can be put to use on the finer things in life.

See the world: Tony loves traveling and found a career that lets him visit the places he dreamed about, like Aruba, Jamaica, Mexico and Las Vegas. With his other passion for fishing, Tony is looking for his next big catch at a scenic location very soon.

And sure, you can travel and even fish with other companies, but what Tony has really found with UPS is peace of mind.

Employees at UPS often stay for decades, and they feel cared for – even when life gets hard. When Tony’s mom was experiencing health concerns, his management team worked with him to make sure he could take time off to care for her.

“Healthcare expenses are astronomical, and I’m very fortunate that we are 100% covered,” Tony said. “Life is life, and I see our team work together to accommodate the best they can. We work with good partners and figure out solutions together.”

When the newest addition to his family – Angelina – was born, there were zero out-of-pocket medical costs for the birth. And adding Angelina to Tony’s healthcare plan was a breeze.

“The medical coverage is huge, and as you get older you begin to worry about this.”

With the freedom to invest time and energy back into himself and his family, Tony seizes every day as a UPS driver and will celebrate 35 years of service in September.

UPS has a 115-year track record of success, and people like to work for a winning company.

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