Our People

Our People
Social Impact

Our UPSers around the world are our greatest asset.

It’s our job to ensure our people around the world can thrive as UPSers through innovative education and training programs, health and safety initiatives, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

By the numbers

  • 540,000+

  • 125,000

  • $1B

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

See how we’re taking an integrated approach to diversity, equity and inclusion across our key stakeholder groups of employees, customers, suppliers, and communities, embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Learning & Well-being

From the beginning, when enterprising teenagers with $100 loan started a small messenger service, they established a culture of growth within UPS that continues today. 

Health & Safety

UPSers are often referred to as “industrial athletes.” Industry-leading safety practices and training help ensure our people make it to the most important stop of the day — home.