Saving on sustainable solutions

Trailblazer finds poly bags made from recycled plastics
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The opportunity: Inflation is driving up the cost of virtually everything right now, including   bags we use in operations to cover and protect smaller packages when shipping. In Anastasia Elias’s role she is laser focused on price and saw an opportunity to find a more affordable alternative.

She researched and found a more sustainable bags made from recycled plastics – which creates 25% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than using a new plastic product – at a better price.

By approaching a business challenge with both priorities in mind, Anastasia achieved a win-win for the company. And there was a bonus win tooshe sourced the sustainable material from a women-owned business.

Get inspired: The UPS Sustainability Trailblazers hosts webinars to highlight all the ways UPSers are integrating sustainability into their everyday work and inspiring others to do the same.

In her words: “Sustainability is my personal value,” she said. “My advice is to continually challenge the status quo and be part of the change.”

What’s next: Anastasia has her eyes set on adding a closed-loop recycling program. That means suppliers could continue recycling indefinitely without having a negative impact on the environment.

If that’s not enough: She’s also working to create sustainable bags that could replace steel drums (a nonrenewable resource) to safely dispose of hazardous waste.

“I’m very excited for what’s next,” Anastasia said. “I hope I’m proof that you can find sustainable solutions in everything you do.”

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