Budding business gets greener with carbon neutral shipping

UPS and Green Paper Products create a lasting partnership

What’s the story: Green Paper Products is a plant-based, biodegradable paper products and table wear company that uses UPS’s carbon neutral shipping to help fulfill their ecofriendly mission.

Shipping inherently has some environmental challenges,” said Aaron Saks, general manager for Green Paper Products. “Our customers have definitely been asking for sustainable solutions and they wonder how they can lessen the environmental impact.”

Solutions that matter: UPS has sustainable shipping options like carbon neutral shipping and alternative fuel vehicles that align to Green Paper Products’ mission.

“We couldn’t exist without UPS,” founder Harry Goodfriend said. “UPS engineers came here for a couple days to offer solutions for the ergonomics of our new warehouse and shipping process.”

That’s not all UPS is doing: Smart planning has its effect on the environment too. Tools like UPS’s ORION (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation) and UPSNav cut miles driven, fuel consumption and carbon emissions while providing better customer service. 

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