The founding trailblazer

Inspiring UPSers to be the change we want to see
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How can you inspire a ripple effect of change? Just ask Elba Pareja-Gallagher, founder of UPS Sustainability Trailblazers. Now more than 8,200 members strong, the group works to advocate, educate and innovate for environmental, social and governance (ESG) causes around the globe.

“Change for a better future feels more attainable to me now, especially since I realized how many people share my conviction,” said Rick Bittner communications strategy manager. “Elba’s energy is contagious. It shaped how I think and inspired me to join the UPS Sustainability Trailblazers and do more.”

What’s the story: Elba has a passion for sustainability and for helping people develop their leadership skills. This enthusiasm is the foundation for the UPS Sustainability Trailblazer program – giving UPSers the tools, resources and inspiration to be agents of change.

The bigger picture: Change often starts with one person’s vision, but Elba – UPS’s sustainability director of stakeholder engagement – knows it takes a multitude of like-minded people to solve big problems.

“There’s power in numbers, and our vision is to have 540,000 incredibly motivated UPSers driving awareness and innovation by actively advocating for sustainability,” said Elba.

She helped launch UPS Sustainability Trailblazers in 2021 to advance UPS’s bold ESG goals. Elba counts getting the program up and running during a pandemic as the first of many successes to come.

Coming together: “There’s collective force that comes from bringing diverse mindsets together,” said Elba. “It’s an energy that generates ideas and solutions on how we can protect our environment, eliminate waste, save money and create new products and services.”

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