UPS Ignite and The Lonely Entrepreneur help SMBs thrive

Small business learning community offers resources to turn passion to success
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What’s the story: Maryann Kilgallon is an entrepreneur committed to finding solutions for the greater good. In 2017 she founded Pink Lotus Technologies to introduce mobile technology that helps keep loved ones safe.

“We're a small company, but we have big dreams and we want to go worldwide with our lifesaving technology,” said Maryann. “We're just getting started.”

Watch the video to see how Pink Lotus is turning big dreams into a reality.

Igniting growth: In partnership with The Lonely Entrepreneur and its learning community, UPS Ignite is providing Maryanne with the resources, collaboration and mentorship she needs to succeed. “That's crucial for a company of my size,” she said.

Are you a diverse business owner who ships products to your customers? Whether you sell artwork, zippers, or something in between, we have experienced business coaches and logistics experts here to help. UPS and The Lonely Entrepreneur have partnered to provide diverse-owned small businesses with 12 months of free access to: 

  • Over 500 on-demand learning modules
  • 1:1 coaching to help you tackle your unique challenges
  • Group coaching sessions
  • A network of thousands of fellow entrepreneurs and much more

Apply for this exclusive coaching program today (a $500 value). 

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