New uniforms designed with safety, comfort in mind

UPSers wearing uniforms that work as hard as they do
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Because of the physical natural of the job, UPS drivers are often referred to as industrial athletes. Now they’re wearing uniforms that are as agile as they are.

The latest uniforms, which drivers shave worn since January 2020, are moisture-resistant, breathable, durable and light weight, helping drivers stay cool when the temperature and humidity rise.

The uniforms have fabrics that allow a better range of motion and are designed with moisture-wicking fibers so drivers can combat sweat and remain dry and comfortable throughout the day.

The final designs were beta-tested for months with about 100 drivers in 30 locations to ensure they’d support different climates and body types.

The updated uniform includes:

  • Reflective shields and strips give the uniform and hat increased visibility in low-light conditions.
  • A new polo-style shirt made of performance fabrics is an expert at cooling and wicking moisture.
  • A stretchy belt allows more comfortable movement.
  • The cargo shorts work with the body and feature a two-way stretch fabric, lower waist and deep side pocket for missed delivery notices.

Though the uniforms have a modern look and feel, safety was a large factor in design. The reflective shield located on the uniform and hat is visible at night and low-light conditions.

The company is not letting its old uniforms go to waste. Thanks to re:loom, a  program of Initiative for Affordable Housing, a nonprofit organization in Decatur, Georgia, old pieces will be upcycled into weaved handmade products, keeping fabric out of landfills.

“We’re always thinking about how we can be sustainable and serve the community,” said Mary Lewis, manager, corporate procurement for UPS. “Through this program we are able to accomplish both goals. We’re thrilled that re:loom is able to put our old uniforms to good use.”

To learn more about re:loom, please visit  here.

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