Diversity, Black history highlighted in new book

‘Black Voices from Big Brown’ excerpts shine light on perseverance of leading UPSers
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“Black Voices from Big Brown” is a book that depicts the legacy of UPS African American leaders and trailblazers.

In honor of Black History Month, UPS will share excerpts from the book to provide a glimpse into the struggle and perseverance of these trailblazing UPSers.

Below is an excerpt from CEO Carol B. Tomé’s foreword of the book.

“More than a century ago, UPS founder Jim Casey envisioned a company centered on its people and built on the core values of fairness, dignity and respect. The UPS story is all about hard work, perseverance, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top – the story of the American Dream.

We know, however, that not all people have enjoyed equal access to the American dream. We know important parts of their stories usually go untold. To understand the true story of America and UPS, we must tell the whole story about both. Who better to tell those stories than the people who lived them?

The poet Maya Angelou said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ Black Voices from Big Brown: Untold Stories of African Americans at UPS seeks to ensure that those stories get told. In these pages, you will hear the stories of people who stayed quiet out of perceived necessity. You will meet men and women who overcame tremendous obstacles, while paving the way for others. You will discover the true meaning of perseverance.”

Listen to excerpts of conversations that shaped “Black Voices from Big Brown.”

“Black Voices from Big Brown” has four themes – diversity, equity, justice and action – that shape the personal stories in the book. Throughout Black History Month, excerpts from the themes will be unveiled each week, beginning with diversity.


Diversity is inevitability; inclusion is possibility.

Diversity will change the face of business; inclusion can change its mind.

To unlock the power of diversity, we must commit to the work of inclusion.

Watch this video below on the power of diversity.

Celebrate Black History Month

“Black Voices from Big Brown” honors the history of African American leaders at UPS. Black History Month recognizes the achievements of African Americans to improve the everyday lives of those around the world.

How to order ‘Black Voices from Big Brown’

The book (e-book, hardcover, paperback) can be ordered at www.blackvoicesfrombigbrown.com. Proceeds will benefit the MARCH Foundation, which was founded by UPS’s first Black package car driver Ken Jarvis and several UPS retirees to support the education of African American youth.

Remember to check back next week when the second theme in the book – equity – is unveiled.

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