Juntos crecemos … ‘together, we grow’

UPS’s Crecer BRG is 10-years young
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Planting the seed: Crecer, the Hispanic/Latino Business Resource Group (BRG) at UPS, took root in 2012 as a people-led effort to grow careers, develop customer relationships and make global connections.

A decade of growth: In 2022, we celebrate over 1,200 active Crecer members representing 24 diverse nationalities across 20 international BRG chapters that continue moving forward with an ‘Echa Pa’lante’ determination. That means to keep going, no matter what.

Inspiración: Find out what inspires these mission-driven leaders.

“Crecer as it translates to English means GROWTH and that’s what it really is. It’s a space for people to grow as leaders, expand their skills and perspectives, widen their network, promote diversity and inclusion, and provide the opportunity for Hispanics and Latinos to advance.”

Dive deeper:

  • Follow Crecer’s next decade on Instagram through @CrecerUPSers.
  • Check out how UPS is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Discover the spirit of ‘Echa Pa’lante’ through our latest Proudly Unstoppable campaign in support of Latinx-owned small businesses.
  • Explore our partnership with New York Fashion Week and the limited-edition designer collection with Angelo Baque.

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