Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

‘Deep history, family traditions and sense of community’
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May is Jewish American Heritage Month – celebrating the rich history and culture of the Jewish community. Throughout the month, communities across the U.S. come together to celebrate Jewish heritage through festivals, cultural events and more.

Faith and heritage are an important part of many employees’ identities. Hear from three UPSers as they share their experience as Jewish Americans:

Brian Clark, marketing manager, 23 years at UPS

“Less than 80 years ago my grandfather came here from Poland and changed his last name because he didn’t want people to know he was Jewish. Growing up in New York, I always thought that was odd but as I got older, signs of antisemitism still rang true. As a Jewish UPS employee, I’m proud to be part of such a great organization that celebrates diversity and creates an environment for respecting one another.

Samantha Moyal, enterprise international account manager, 5 years at UPS

“As a proud orthodox Jewish UPSer, I am very grateful for the religious accommodations, respect and support I receive from UPS and my colleagues. It's an absolute pleasure to work at a company that shares many of my own Jewish values like kindness or chesed, being welcoming to all, or hachnasat orchim and sustainability, or sh’mirat ha-teva. I hope that I can continue be a role model for Orthodox Jews in my community to consider UPS as a career, too.”

David Goren, editorial strategy manager, 20 years at UPS

“Being Jewish has always been a complicated identity for me. While it’s defined by a religious faith, I’ve always connected more with the deep history, family traditions and sense of community that are engrained in a shared Jewish experience. Similarly, that’s why I’ve connected with UPS and spent 20 years of my life here. I am a Jew, Texan and UPSer … equally.”

Why showing up matters: By gaining a deeper understanding of cultural norms, customs and traditions, we can develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of our colleagues and customers. We can all take part in creating a more welcoming and inclusive workplace, where UPSers of all backgrounds feel valued and appreciated.

Did you know? Since 1997, The UPS Foundation has provided over $300,000 to support the Anti-Defamation League’s initiatives to create a more just and equitable society for all. Explore Jewish American Heritage Month resources here.

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