The best advice you ever got

Career insights from women on the UPS Board of Directors
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For Women’s History Month, CEO Carol B. Tomé held a roundtable discussion with the five women members of the UPS Board of Directors. One of the highlights was sharing the best career advice each member ever got. Hear their insights in the short clips below.

Kate Johnson
Former President of Microsoft U.S.
“Have the courage to ask.”

Christiana Smith Shi
Former President of Direct-to-Consumer, Nike, Inc.
“You can't leave until you think about what it would take to make you stay.”
Eva Boratto
Former Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of CVS Health
“Always assume good intent.”
Angela Hwang
Group President, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group
“Don’t second guess yourself.”
Ann M. Livermore
Former Executive Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Company
“You care too much about too many things.”

Did you know:

  • The UPS Foundation committed more than $3.3 million in grants and sponsorships to advance programs supporting women’s issues in 2021, including organizations like Spelman CollegeACCION International and Catalyst Inc.
  • Since 2018, 17,000 women and small business owners connected to the global economy through UPS’s Women Exporters Program. Last year, the program trained and coached 2,200 women on integrating their small businesses into the global economy.
  • The UPS Ignite program will strengthen 140 women-owned and underrepresented businesses through education, resources, networking and $100K in grants in 2022.
  • 31% of UPS board members are ethnically diverse and 46% are women.
  • UPS is led by one of the few women CEOs in the Fortune 500Carol B. Tomé.

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