VIP webinar with Winter Olympian, snowboarding icon and entrepreneur Shaun White

Get inspired by how Shaun reaches new heights in everything he does
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How did a young snowboarder nicknamed “The Flying Tomato” turn himself into a savvy entrepreneur? Find out in this VIP webinar hosted by UPS Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laura Lane.  In it, Shaun shares how he reaches new heights in everything he does—from revolutionizing sports, to building his personal brand, to becoming a more savvy business owner. Watch and you will:

  • Hear how Shaun has conquered the mountains in his life, athletic career, and business
  • Get tips on how to build your brand in your way and tell your unique story
  • Hear the lessons Shaun has learned that can help take your business to new heights
  • Learn how UPS can help your business stay unstoppable

Click on the image below to hear our exclusive conversation with Shaun White. 

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