From her mom’s kitchen to small business success

How UPS made this entrepreneur’s growth strategy batter … um, better
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When Kristen Tomlan was a child in her mom’s kitchen, sneaking a spoonful of raw cookie dough was a treat that felt, well, a little decadent.

Years later, that tasty memory inspired Kristen to start her own business. Her New York-based store called Cookie DŌ is all about eating, celebrating and sharing her passion for delicious, colorful and safe-to-eat cookie dough.

One essential ingredient to her small business success has been discovering how to ship cookie dough safely and securely. Although Kristen began her entrepreneurial venture online and shipped her product regionally for years, she needed a better way to preserve its freshness in transit and expand her reach.

Working with UPS, Cookie DŌ implemented an improved system of temperature-controlled shipping using insulated containers and frozen gel packs. UPS also supplied testing kits with small digital thermometers for the interior of the containers. Kristen and her team were able to monitor the temperature of packages all the way to their customers’ doorsteps.

Thanks to UPS’s packaging solution, Cookie DŌ could offer two-day shipping for the first time, expanding their reach across the U.S. "It helped us ensure the product stayed cold the entire time in transit, even in the middle of the summer,” she said.

Kristen also took advantage of UPS Digital Connections®, which connects small businesses to leading technology vendors and helps them buy industry solutions at discounted prices.

Through UPS Digital Connections, Cookie DŌ got practical help with marketing technology and shipping.

Enthusiasm for Cookie DŌ quickly spread beyond the U.S. “We had so many Canadian fans and friends who wanted our cookie dough that we had to find a way to get it across the border into Canada,” Kristen said.

While shipping internationally is great for small business growth, it brings fresh challenges. From clearing customs to the technology for international orders, Kristen turned to UPS for guidance.

 “UPS helped us work on everything we needed to safely get food through customs, and update our website to make sure we can accommodate Canadian addresses,” she said. "We have so many requests from our friends and followers that we want to ship to even more countries, which we're working on now.”

Kristen, who is always on the lookout for new flavors, recently published a cookbook.

Amid the excitement of growth, she’s quick to point out how important shipping is for a small business. “UPS is with us every step of the way,” she said. “It feels really good as a business owner to have them on my side.”

See how UPS’s Customer First, People Led, Innovation Driven strategy helped turn this sweet idea into a successful recipe.

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