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Innovation driven is a big business started on a dream still thinking like a startup. Our venture capital arm invests in extraordinary companies breaking through traditional ways of doing business.

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UPS Ventures

A century of smart business bets

From Seattle startup to innovation driven global logistics leader, we have a long history of investing in the future.

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Our thesis

Our objective is strategic. We use a wide lens to find opportunities closely aligned with our focus areas and our purpose. Then, we zero-in on companies using technology in revolutionary ways to advance business and society. We consider a range of investment options that best fit our business model and growth opportunities.


Focus areas


Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Helping SMBs compete on the big stage, quickly and affordably

Global Smart Logistics Network

Optimizing a data-driven end-to-end global integrated network


Enhancing patient care through innovative supply chain solutions

Digital Experience

Creating interoperable and frictionless digital experiences


Reducing barriers to satisfy global consumer demand

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives

How we work

  • Scope

  • Review

  • Invest

  • Scale

Investments in action

Read about how companies in our UPS Ventures portfolio are innovating new ways to move the world forward.

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