Helping UPSers reach their goals for college and beyond

Tuition reimbursement and online training empowers our people to grow professionally and intellectually.
UPS university UPS university UPS university

Earn & Learn

UPS hires a lot of part-time employees – a lot. And for those part-time UPSers, the company offers a generous tuition reimbursement program from the day they’re hired. The same goes for full-time employees.

The Earn & Learn program helps college students finance their education and attend school while working part- or full-time at UPS.

  • Available at more than 100 UPS locations
  • Participants are free to choose their course of study
  • Pays up to $5,250 in assistance per calendar year
  • Caps at a lifetime maximum of $25,000

Through Earn & Learn, UPS has invested in the college education of nearly 300,000 employees. The program not only helps UPS attract college students to fill part-time positions, but many of the students who take advantage of the program go on to pursue full-time careers with UPS.

UPS also partners with local educational institutions to offer additional education opportunities to the thousands of employees at its largest hubs in Louisville, Kentucky and Hodgkins, Illinois.

UPS University

UPS University is the online learning place for management – designed to help employees develop and hone their professional skills. UPSers around the world can access a library of on-demand, online courses in multiple languages. It’s also where employees go to complete critical company-assigned courses such as diversity and inclusion training.

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