‘Challenges are Our Fire’

Artist Luis Pinto captures the passion and inspiration of Latinx SMBs
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Luis Pinto sees passion and opportunity, challenges and tenacity. He sees – and has experienced – all of it in the Latinx community … his community.

“Every challenge is an opportunity to grow,” said Luis, discussing the power within Latinx small businesses and the artwork he created for UPS’s Proudly Unstoppable campaign. “The UPS team is amazing. They were there to understand and make sure this project reached the Latinx community, and UPS let me speak to my community. I feel very fortunate and excited.”

The piece titled “Challenges are Our Fire” speaks to the determination and colorful diversity of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) within the Latinx community. The powerful depiction of hands holding tools and products represents the craft and creativity of Latinx small business owners. The underlying theme is when one succeeds, the entire community succeeds.

Luis’s artwork will be front and center on 500,000 UPS Medium Express Boxes and 150,000 The UPS Store Express Envelopes.

“I hope people can see the work as inspiration to follow their passion and believe in their ideas,” Luis said. “We’re a big family, and we can always rely on our community.”

The program

Proudly Unstoppable, an extension of the Be Unstoppable campaign, is designed to highlight minority-owned SMBs and tell their stories. Program elements include:

  • Limited-edition UPS Express Box and The UPS Store Express Envelope designed by Luis.
  • Landing page sharing UPS’s commitment to minority-owned businesses.
  • Video and social content to amplify the program.
  • UPS financial commitment to support minority-owned SMBs.

UPS is also working with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to establish a partnership providing direct financial support to Latinx-owned SMBs adversely affected by the pandemic, including a commitment of $150,000 in grants to struggling Latinx-owned small businesses.

Proudly Unstoppable launched in February featuring Black-owned SMBs as part of Black History Month and continued in June to celebrate Pride Month. To learn more, visit the related stories below.

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