Recognizing part-time supervisors

Spotlight series
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UPS part-time supervisors play a significant role in moving our world forward by delivering what matters. This week, we’re proud to celebrate part-time supervisors and recognize their extraordinary efforts. 

Samantha Christie, Mid-South District, East Region

Preload Part-time Supervisor – Nashville, Tennessee

“I enjoy the interactions I have at work with my employees, and I also appreciate the extra time afforded to me as a part-time supervisor. The job allows me to raise my children and spend time with my family. As a UPSer, I take pride in knowing we get things to people for Christmas and birthdays. All of my extended family live out of state, so I understand how important it is that UPS connects people with their loved ones … especially during the pandemic. Someday, I hope to become a full-time supervisor and then a preload manager.”

Angela Miller, NW District, West Region

Local Sort Part-time Supervisor – The Dalles, Oregon

“My job at UPS provides a challenge and it’s never boring. Since I have a brain that likes to be busy, it fulfills my need for growth. I hope there continues to be more opportunity for advancement because I want to become a package center or preload business manager in the future. I believe in delivering honesty and quality work. I respect my employees in same way I want to be treated in return.”

Jessica Montoya, West Zone, Transportation

Cornerstone Facilitator Part-time Supervisor – Denver, Colorado

“I was a teacher before COVID, and now I train new hires at UPS. I like that I can bring the skills I learned in school and my experience as a teacher to my role here. I also enjoy the family feel and how people put you under their wings. I would like to become a full-time supervisor in safety or compliance someday, and I want to always make sure we’re teaching the best ways to work safely and efficiently.”

James Williams, Central Zone, Transportation

Hub Part-time Supervisor – Chicago, Illinois

“I love my job. I know it’s kind of funny to hear someone say that, but I really do. At work, it’s a challenge every day. While it’s essentially the same job, every day is a little bit different. I enjoy it a lot and it’s fun. If I could change anything it would simply be to allow part-time supervisors a bigger voice in the decision making process. We can bring a little different perspective to the table. Otherwise, I simply do my best daily to live UPS’s purpose by making sure that when the trucks roll in, we get the packages onto the belt and to the outbound doors in the same condition they arrived.”

Denisse Alvarez, Air Region

Grade Lane Shift Part-time Supervisor – Louisville, Kentucky

“I like the fast-paced environment at UPS. I plan on attending law school when I finish my undergraduate degree and hope to remain at UPS throughout. UPS brought me to Louisville as part of the Metro College program. As far as UPS’s purpose statement of moving our world forward by delivering what matters, I work as hard as I can every day to make that statement come true.”

Andrew Chung, East Zone, Transportation

Health and Safety Part-time Supervisor – Monroe Township, New Jersey

“In my job at UPS, I enjoy being able to take advantage of my graphic design skills. I also enjoy working with employees to improve things like load quality and working safely. I look forward to the day when everything (all paperwork) is digital. We’re basically on the road to being there. What matters most to me is the people who work here. That’s why I want to be promoted to full-time (management) and work my way into TSG (Technology Support Group).”

Ron Bay, Elk Grove, Supply Chain Solutions

Operations Part-time Supervisor – Elk Grove Village, Illinois

“I’m nearing the end of my career, and I really appreciate working part-time with flexible hours while still receiving great benefits. The biggest thing we’ve done here at SCS is learn to be more customer-centric. We seem to build more of a relationship now with the end customer compared to when I started at UPS three years ago. The most satisfying thing to me is the way our team pulled together during COVID.”

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