All hands on deck for Expo 2020 Dubai

UPS committed to industry-leading, sustainable solutions
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“In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UPS is taking on one of the most complex logistics challenges ever. But thanks to a team of exceptional UPSers, we have the know-how and capabilities to deliver it successfully,” said Alan Williams, vice president, Expo 2020 sponsorships and operations.

As the Official Logistics Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, UPS is an important player in the lead-up to the event. Like other world expositions, Expo 2020 brings together visitors from all over the world to share solutions to global challenges. And like past expos, Dubai is planning an unforgettable experience with hundreds of new buildings, events and attractions for visitors to explore.

While UPS has expertise managing logistics for mega-events, the six-month-long Expo 2020 – rescheduled to begin October 2021 due to the pandemic – will be an effort unlike any other.

Such an undertaking requires years of planning and continuous flexibility. UPS and Expo 2020 announced the partnership in 2017, and the company has been planning and providing operational services ever since.

UPS has increased capacity, technology and capabilities to serve customers shipping to and through Dubai, including governments who are installing their own country pavilions to showcase their cultures, people and economies. This expanded presence will remain after the event concludes, allowing UPS to support commerce and trade in this fast-growing region. And all the while, UPS’s commitment to deliver a sustainable expo remains a top priority.

Sustainability, mobility and opportunity are Expo 2020 subthemes. With UPS’s strategy of Customer First, People Led and Innovation Driven, 540,000 UPSers are applying decades of expertise in sustainable logistics with innovative technologies to manage and mitigate environmental impacts. UPS is operating alternative fuel vehicles like electric-assist cycles and tricycles throughout the event. Additionally, all on-site UPS delivery trucks are equipped with telematics, which provides visibility into vehicle performance and enables more control and efficiency across the fleet.

“The expo is about a future where UPS plays an important role in advancing a more sustainable delivery network,” Alan said. “All while supporting its ambition to deliver one of the most sustainable events in history.” 

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