Shelter from the storm

UPS helps a small business stay afloat
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The Silver Gallery is a small engraving business tucked into the Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia. When a freak rainstorm destroyed the company’s entire office network, UPS account executive Joe Deangelis was ready with answers.

Why it mattered: “I was at my wit’s end,” said Stacey Strawn, owner of The Silver Gallery. “The furthest thing from my mind was to call UPS. But when Joe heard what had happened, he reached out to me and literally saved the day with new equipment. He's more than a sales rep. He’s my friend.”

How UPS did it: With Joe’s consultation, The Silver Gallery qualified for UPS Digital Connections. The program provided financial assistance that helped Stacey get back on her feet with a new server and other equipment.

Stacey and her team also started using ShipStation®, a certified UPS Ready® application that lets customers get rates and create domestic and international shipping labels.

Getting concrete results:

  • Improvements made possible by UPS have decreased accounts payable for The Silver Gallery by $10,000 and improved order processing time.     
  • The buying experience for Stacey’s international customers has greatly improved with another program feature that enables built-in duty and tax calculations, compliance, and localization for website optimization.
  • UPS is also helping The Silver Gallery expand internationally and invest in digital marketing to help increase sales.

Proudly Unstoppable: As a woman-owned/Black-owned business, The Silver Gallery shows the “unstoppable” spirit that drives the small businesses highlighted in our Proudly Unstoppable campaign. Learn more here

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