Nimble and sustainable

Eco-friendly tech company gets assist from UPS eFulfillment
Nimble Nimble Nimble

“Every day we all use technology to make our lives better. Technology is in our hands, it’s on our wrists … it’s all around us, but we don’t really think about the impact it has on the world,” said Ross Howe, co-founder of tech company Nimble.

Nimble’s approach to sustainability aligns well with UPS’s eFulfillment solution – a sustainable, ready-to-use service that helps customers with their inventory, pick, pack and ship processes.

Because of this service Nimble never had to absorb the cost of closing a warehouse or change its shipping processes during COVID shutdowns. As part of its innovation-driven strategy and commitment to sustainable solutions, UPS eFulfillment facilitated the switch from shipping to storefronts to online shoppers without missing a beat.

“We never noticed a hiccup in any of our delivery times. Regardless of everything going on in the world, we’ve been able to meet our customers’ expectations,” Ross said.

Nimble makes a variety of tech accessories that support mobile devices, and they do it in a uniquely eco-friendly way. Using materials like bio-plastics, hemp and recycled water bottles, they make products not toxic to the environment.

Recognizing that 80% of a product’s environmental impact is decided at the design stage, Nimble uses renewable resources and existing waste streams to achieve high-grade durability and performance accessories.

“Nimble’s mission is really to demonstrate a better way forward for the tech industry,” Ross said. “I think it’s time to have a conversation around where our tech is coming from, who’s making it, what it’s made out of and what’s going to happen to it when I’m done.”

In addition to environmental care in design and material sourcing, Nimble also offers UPS’s carbon neutral shipping option. This, coupled with their one-for-one tech recovery project (free technology recycling), provides customers with even more options to responsibly conserve resources with their technology use.

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