Working remotely, team rethinks recycling

Adapting to new workplace inspires bigger green ideas
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What’s the story: An environmentally passionate team of UPSers in Costa Rica had to reimagine their office’s recycling program when COVID forced them to work remotely.

What happened: Working from home, the team quickly realized that their normal household sustainability activities needed upgrading. Understanding they could do more; the team transformed their office’s program into an at-home sustainability effort. Activities included: building ecobricks, composting, and of course, recycling.

What’s an ecobrick? It’s a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle packed solid with clean and dry used plastic. They are made to contain plastic and create reusable building blocks.

“It feels good to know that instead of generating waste, our ecobricks may be turned into park benches, picnic tables or chairs, and our composting may feed our gardens and veggies. Our team has shown we can all make a difference protecting the environment for us and future generations,” said Marianella Abarca, customer program management supervisor, UPS Costa Rica.

Everyone can act: Environment and climate change are defining issues of our time. Recycling helps reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

At UPS, sustainability is not just a promise, it’s an action plan. This means the creation of more environmentally sustainable solutions: introducing smart delivery methods for crowded cities, investing in next-generation vehicles and route optimization technologies and developing people to drive the innovations needed to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

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