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Sustainable Shipping Sustainable Shipping Sustainable Shipping

Today’s consumers want not only faster, more convenient delivery, but also more options to reduce the environmental impact of those deliveries.

For shippers, there are UPS programs to help them measure and manage the carbon emissions of their shipping, as well as design more sustainable packaging:

  • Carbon impact analysis
  • UPS carbon neutral shipping
  • Supply chain optimization analysis
  • UPS co-innovation workshops
  • Eco Responsible packaging program
  • Packsize on-demand packaging1

And UPS’s extensive network of alternate pickup and drop-off locations, coupled with route optimization technology, reduces the number of delivery stops UPS drivers make, which decreases fuel usage and emissions:

  • UPS My Choice® service for home
  • UPS My Choice® service for business
  • UPS Access Point® network
  • UPS Smart Pickup® service2
  • UPS Synchronized Delivery service3

In addition, UPS has a variety of delivery concepts created for urban centers through collaborations with city officials, universities, customers and other stakeholders.

Beginning with one eBike in Hamburg, Germany, UPS now has more than 30 pilot projects in cities around the world:

  • From residential deliveries in a retirement communities to remote deliveries in Africa, UPS Flight Forward™ drone service is revolutionizing logistics.
  • Through a collaboration with the Seattle Department of Transportation and University of Washington, UPS deploys eBikes in downtown Seattle’s congested Pike Place Market area.
  • Latch™ smart access devices allow UPS drivers to complete more deliveries on the first attempt to apartments, condos and other multi-unit housing in urban areas.
  • The “urban Eco Hub,” a mobile, mini distribution center, allows UPS make deliveries in congested city centers by foot or electrically-assisted cargo tricycle.
  • The ever-expanding network of global UPS Access Point® locations and My Choice® members lets consumers choose a convenient time and place to receive  or pick up packages—reducing miles and the associated emissions from missed deliveries. 

1Currently available in the U.S. and Europe
2Currently available in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany
3Currently available in the U.S.

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