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UPS’s elite safe drivers list grows
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The pandemic has altered many aspects of daily life. Restaurants and office towers closed. Social gatherings cancelled. Vacations and air travel largely slammed to a halt.

But one thing will never change – UPS’s commitment to safe driving. The UPS Circle of Honor, a club of the company’s safest drivers, continues to grow.

In 2020, 1,412 drivers from around the world joined the ranks of those with 25 years or more without an avoidable accident. While the COVID virus has wreaked havoc, these drivers have not wavered in their commitment to safe driving, moving our world forward by delivering what matters.

In a year when their services were more important than ever, UPS drivers continued to safely help deliver 3% of the world’s GDP – about 20 million packages a day, from important documents and just-in-time business inventory; to food, clothing and baby formula; to PPE for front-line workers; and of course tens of millions of doses of the COVID 19 vaccine.

Collectively, these UPSers have driven more than 15 billion miles in the busiest cities, remotest locations and most challenging weather conditions – without an avoidable accident.

UPS invests more than $200 million in safety training programs annually teaching drivers the day’s most important stop is the last: safely home to their families. Operating safely, for our people and those we serve, is part of the social impact we have in our communities.

When life gets closer to normal, when businesses reopen and airplanes are once again full and you can safely take that long-awaited cruise, UPS drivers will continue doing what they’ve always done: setting the standard for professionalism and excellence. 

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