Love is in the air - literally

UPS expects to ship 89.1 million flowers for Valentine’s Day
ValentinesDay_ColombiaFlowers2_1440x752.jpg ValentinesDay_ColombiaFlowers2_768x760.jpg ValentinesDay_ColombiaFlowers2_1023x9602.jpg
What’s the story: Cupid’s arrows are best paired with flowers, and UPS once again delivers on target. Watch this video and may your love take flight with an assist from UPS.

Impressive numbers:

  • UPS has added 63 additional flights for a total of 118, providing the necessary airlift for flowers traveling to the U.S. from South America.
  • 90% of flower volume ships 2-3 days before Valentine’s Day.
  • The extremely delicate and perishable flowers are temperature sensitive, and UPS has a cooler the size of five basketball courts in Miami to keep each stem beautiful.
  • The pandemic has changed customer buying patterns to a model more reliant on ecommerce channels

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