UPS delivers what matters on the global sustainability stage

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In case you missed it: COP26, the United Nations global climate change conference to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the impacts of global warming, took place in Scotland in November. UPS was represented by Laura Lane, chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer, and Peter Harris, vice president of international sustainability.

Why it matters: Logistics is a carbon-intensive industry. As an industry leader, UPS recognizes that challenge and understands the need to tackle it head-on. Attending COP26 provided opportunities to collaborate with global leaders on sustainable solutions to chart a greener, more environmentally resilient path forward for the planet.

Top three moments:

1. Tree planting with The UPS Foundation, EARTHDAY.ORG and the International Tree Foundation. 

2. Arrival president Avinash Rugoobur and Laura spoke on the New York Times Climate Hub panel.

3.  Visit to the UPS distribution center in Glasgow, where a group of key stakeholders viewed and discussed UPS’s sustainable delivery solutions, especially for urban, final mile deliveries. 

Big picture: UPS has committed to 100% carbon neutrality in 2050 and set clear goals and plans along the way to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

Bottom line: UPS is creating innovative solutions for a healthy and safe global community and a sustainable world. Join our team, and you too, could help drive purposeful change. 

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