New UPS e-bikes are turning heads in the UK

Sustainable last-mile solutions gaining ground in urban areas
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What is new: With a fleet of electric-assist eQuad bikes taking to the streets in London, UPS is pilot testing new ways to serve customers while reducing carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

The big picture: These four-wheeled electric-assist cycles developed by Fernhay allow the operator to use cycle lanes and easily move through narrow streets and dual-use pedestrian zones. They are the latest leap forward in UPS’ use of innovative solutions and advanced technology to operate more sustainably.

Why it is needed: Last-mile deliveries via cycle support a more sustainable way to deliver in dense urban environments and navigate zero-emission zones.

'The bikes are a great way to beat traffic in urban areas and to deliver to addresses that are harder to reach by a traditional delivery van,’’ said George Dann, a UPS e-cycle operator in London. 'People stop me on the street to ask questions. They are a real hit when I am on the road.'

The eQuad at a glance:

  • 84 centimetres (33 inches) wide, 3 metres (9.8 feet) in length
  • Capacity of 210 kilograms (462 pounds) in a lock-secured container
  • Can travel 60 kilometres (37 miles) on a single charge from a standard plug

Going global: See the eQuads and other sustainable solutions in action at the world expo in Dubai. More than 30 e-cycle projects of different sizes have now been implemented across Europe, including sites in Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as in cities across Germany like Heidelberg, Mannheim and Hamburg.

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