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Moving our world forward by delivering what matters is the focus of our sustainability work around the world. We’re committed to promoting volunteerism, creating social impact, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and reducing our environmental impact. Together, we’re building stronger communities and a healthier environment.

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Brief overview and quick facts about our environmental, social impact and Foundation work

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UPS Foundation Social Impact Report

UPS Foundation Social Impact Report

At UPS, we’re serving the communities where we live and work and creating a better tomorrow. Our latest Social Impact Report highlights how we’re empowering resilient, just and safe communities.

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Diverse Business

Diverse Business

Explore our commitment to engaging with and supporting women-owned and diverse-owned businesses.

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Delivering HELP where it’s needed most
The UPS Foundation

Delivering HELP where it’s needed most

Through charitable giving and the power of UPSers’ volunteerism globally, we are passionate about creating better places to live, work, and play for this generation, and the next.

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Governing Ethically

Our corporate governance practices are the foundation for our commitment to being an ethical and responsible global business. We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, rooted in efficiency and being a good steward of our planet and communities. 

Social Impact Awards & Recognition

“Sustainability makes good business sense. We’ve seen how climate change and other socioeconomic challenges intersect, which is why we’re leading global conversations and delivering innovative solutions that will create a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.”

Carol B. Tomé, UPS Chief Executive Officer