Alaska Strong: Super UPSers become best kind of neighbors

Harsh winters, violent earthquakes no match for kindness and love
AlaskaStrong_1440x752_44.jpg AlaskaStrong_768x760_44.jpg AlaskaStrong_1023x960_44.jpg

This tale of Super UPSers Beth Walker and Allyson Youngblood and their elderly neighbor, Chuck Hornberger, has a twist fitting the rugged Alaskan wilderness.

In Anchorage, most people are far from home and family. They create their own tightknit communities such as the one shared by UPS pilots and roommates Beth and Allyson and their World War II veteran neighbor, Chuck. Their unlikely friendship reveals a rare story rich in compassion.

“I realized while I didn’t really want the house, I really wanted what was inside,” Beth said. “It was worth it all just to keep him as a neighbor.”

Watch this inspiring video where harsh winters and violent earthquakes are no match for the warmth of kindness and love.

Note: This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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