UPS is electrifying its Chinese fleet

Meet the visionary behind the EV movement
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Challenge accepted: Larry Wei started out with just two electric vehicles (EVs) in 2017. He’s an UPS automotive fleet manager who, with his team, was asked to bring electric vehicles to UPS’s China operations.

“We’ve been ahead of the game in rolling out electric vehicles in Asia, but it also meant that we needed to learn on the job,” Larry said. “A lot of research, testing and evaluation were required.” The team also took safety and compliance into consideration when setting up the charging infrastructure.

Electrifying the fleet: Today, nearly all of UPS’s delivery fleet in the downtown areas of Beijing and Xi’an are fully electrified.

After five years, Larry and the team have expanded the fleet to more cities including Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

A pioneering mindset: “I’ve been with UPS for 16 years. Almost one-third of my time here has been devoted to our electric vehicle project. It’s been gratifying for me to lead innovative work, to grow with UPS, and to drive all of us to a greener future.”

Did you know about UPS’s global commitment to:

  • Reimagining our network with innovation driven investments that include electric ground vehicles and climate-conscious facilities.
  • Reaching 100% carbon neutrality by 2050 with clear goals and plans along the way.
  • Running on 40% alternate fuel in ground operations by 2025.

UPS China’s green effort: Our EV fleet drives over a million kilometers a year, making a huge difference in overall carbon footprint.

In addition to the EV fleet, the team uses environmentally friendly packaging and smart energy, the process where smart devices are used for energy efficiency. Find out more here.

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