Meet sustainability trailblazer Arica Jackson

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Since joining UPS in 2008, Arica Jackson, a learning and development supervisor in automotive engineering, has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments. From leadership positions in multiple BRGs to roles served in non-profits and associations, her latest achievement is the epitome of being a trailblazer. 

What’s new: As a volunteer with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation, Arica used her UPS Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer hours to secure a $15,000 grant from The UPS Foundation.

  • Arica met with the ASE vice president for several months strategizing ways to increase opportunity for students from marginalized communities interested in the automotive mechanic industry.
  • Funding from The UPS Foundation provided starter toolkits to entry level automotive tech students from underserved and underrepresented communities. 

Why it matters: At UPS sustainability is about more than just protecting the environment.

“I’m proud that UPS’s sustainability commitment includes social responsibility,” Arica said. “The grant falls under equity and economic empowerment, and I love that The UPS Foundation is working with local UPSers to address the needs of our communities.”

A passion for environmental sustainability as well: Arica shows how “everyday” people can make an impact. Not only has she been instrumental in social responsibility, but she also is the environmental “E” chair of the UPS Sustainability Trailblazers. 

Our responsibility is to make sure sustainability is part of the conversation,” Arica said. “And our job is to shine a light on it every chance we get.”

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