Women leading the way for UPS Healthcare

European investments open new capabilities and opportunities
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What’s new: Kateřina Kuhnová is one of many women empowered to lead within UPS. Joining UPS straight from university, she is now managing of UPS’s first dedicated Healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic. 

Why does it matter: UPS is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion to help strengthen its business.

“I’ve had the opportunity to grow and lead in ways I couldn’t imagine when I first started,’’ said Kateřina. “Now, I want to encourage more women to step up and lead within UPS, repaying the support I was given along the way.”

Expanding healthcare capabilities: Strategically located in the fast-growing Eastern European market, the new state-of-the-art building features 3,800 m2 of GDP-compliant space with multiple temperature-controlled environments for sensitive medicines and biologics.

“This is an investment to serve customers in a booming and ever-evolving industry,” continued Kateřina. “It’s exciting to be a leader in expanding our service, as well as creating new opportunities for our people within the business.”

In 2021, UPS Healthcare invested in over 36,000m2 of cold chain GMP coolers and freezers in newly dedicated and upgraded healthcare facilities including in Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the USA. UPS has delivered over 800 million COVID-19 vaccines in over 100 countries at 99.999% on-time delivery, and is on track to deliver at least one billion vaccines by the end of 2021.

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