UPS teams up with Reggaeton’s global ambassador: J Balvin

Supporting small businesses … the heart of our communities
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UPS is rolling out a challenge to spotlight local Latinx-owned small businesses using the #JuntosImparables and #TogetherUnstoppable hashtags. And your help is needed.

Minority businesses, including Latinx-owned small businesses, have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Even though more Latinx-owned businesses have launched than any other demographic in the last 10 years, 32% of these businesses closed in the first month of the pandemic.

That’s what inspired UPS’s Proudly Unstoppable initiative – an homage to small business owners and their grit. Now, Proudly Unstoppable is partnering with five-time Latin Grammy winning superstar J Balvin to highlight Latinx small businesses. J Balvin, Reggaeton’s global ambassador, performed in the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. With over 47 million Instagram followers, he has a giant global following and is lending his voice to give Latinx small businesses the attention they deserve.

"Para ser grande no hay que perder la humildad. Cuestión de mentalidad. (To be big you don’t have to lose humility. It’s about mentality.) – J Balvin"

How to participate

J Balvin created a bespoke anthem tailor-made for UPS and Latinx small business on humility, hard work and community. Using the anthem, highlight your favorite Latinx small business on your delivery route or in your community. The #JuntosImparables hashtag challenge is being promoted across TikTok, but everyone can post a shout out to any social media platform. Remember to tag @ups + #JuntosImparables + #TogetherUnstoppable. 🔥

What else can you do:

  • Have other small businesses to shout out? Feature them on any social media platform – and remember to tag @ups + #JuntosImparables + #TogetherUnstoppable. 🔥
  • Like music? Share a clip of you grooving to the “Juntos Imparables” tune on any social media platform. Remember to tag @ups + #JuntosImparables + #TogetherUnstoppable. 🎵
  • Like shipping? On July 14, UPS is releasing 650,000 limited-edition Latinx-themed UPS Express Boxes. Grab one while supplies last. 📦

Alone, a small business is often unseen. But together, they can be unstoppable. Let’s do our part to lift the small businesses in our communities.

About J Balvin

J Balvin is one of the most consumed multi-platinum artists today. He has over 48 billion career streams and more than 54 million monthly listeners on Spotify, making him the most-listened-to Latin artist on the platform and the sixth in the world, while also being the first Latin artist to reach one billion streams on Apple Music. His influence and reach transcend cultural boundaries; Balvin was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2020, is the only Latin artist with a collaboration with Jordan (which sold out in a minute), awarded in the Guinness World Record as the artist with the most nominations to a single Latin Grammy award show in its 21-year history, is the third superstar – and the first ever Latin artist – to get a signature meal on the McDonald’s menu, named one of Forbes' 50 Most Creative from Colombia, and is VEVO’s most watched artist worldwide and the No. 1 global Latin artist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Shazam.


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