How to make your holiday returns easier

Tips from UPS
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Here are three easy ways to return those items that weren’t on your wish list:

  1. Take it to your nearest Access PointTM location. We have 20,000 locations across the nation (like CVS and Advance Auto Parts). Find your nearest here.
  2. All labeled and boxed? Drop it off at one of our 37,000 Drop Box locations.
  3. No label, no box? The UPS Store can help.

Did you know: There are ways to make your returns a little more sustainable, too.

ConsolidateDrop off your Amazon returns at The UPS Store (no packing or labels required). The UPS Store packs multiple returns in the same box to save on packing materials and reduce landfill waste.

Go neutral – If you’re shipping your own return, select UPS carbon neutral at the point of payment to offset the carbon footprint of your shipment.

Slow down – Expedited shipments traveling by plane use more energy than those traveling by truck or rail. Thanks to UPS’s smart logistics network, you can ship your returns via UPS Ground for optimum efficiency and still get them there quickly. 

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