E-commerce boom leads to growing demand for practical delivery locations

From newsagents to dry cleaners and supermarkets: the UPS Access Point™ network is diverse, ubiquitous, and continually expanding
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The Netherlands is a frontrunner[1] within the EU when it comes to online shopping. While in 2015, 76 percent of Dutch consumers made online purchases, this figure is expected to reach 91 percent by the end of 2021. This growth is coupled with a rising demand – and need – for convenient, local alternative collection points. The result: a 40 percent increase in UPS Access Point locations in the Netherlands over the past two years.

One of these collection points is Cosy Shop in Harderwijk. The store, which is managed by Beppie de Geest, sells household items, toys and gifts to young and old in an atmosphere characterised by typical Dutch cosiness.

“I started the shop almost 40 years ago, in 1983, together with my mother,” says Beppie. “Online ordering and in-store collection was not an option back then of course, whereas today, handing over and receiving parcels is part of my daily routine. It is unbelievable how quickly it has all happened!”

Although a UPS Access Point generates additional footfall throughout the year, November and December sometimes feel more like a tidal wave because of the series of holidays that begins with ‘Black Friday’, followed by Sinterklaas, and ends after Christmas and the New Year.

 “Yes, I always have to ramp things up a gear at this time of year, but my shop is never really empty,” continues Beppie. “First, because of my regular customers, but also because of all the new people who come to collect or drop off a parcel – and some of those new faces become regulars. As a collection point, you get that extra bit of promotion. Some of them also buy something in the shop when picking up a package, which is a bonus.”

The UPS Access Point network also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of last-mile delivery by reducing the amount of residential delivery stops and missed deliveries. Efficiencies like this support UPS’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Get involved: Learn more here on how to turn your shop into a UPS Access Point. To track down your nearest UPS Access Point location, look on this map.

[1] EcommerceEurope and EuroCommerce. (September 2021). 2021 EUROPEAN E-COMMERCE REPORT. Consulted on 9 November 2021 via https://ecommerce-europe.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/2021-European-E-commerce-Report-LIGHT-VERSION.pdf.

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