Growing demand for flexible delivery in towns and cities in France

From newsagents to dry cleaners to shoe repair shops: the UPS Access PointTM network is continually expanding
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Convenient and flexible, the UPS Access Point network – pick-up and delivery locations at local shops and retailers – keeps growing stronger, going from 4,000 locations in 2019 to 5,000 today. While the global e-commerce boom, boosted by the pandemic, contributed to this rise, other trends underpin the enthusiasm for alternative delivery solutions with consumers and small businesses alike.

For consumers, it’s a practical and reliable solution that allows them to pick up online purchases at nearby outlets with flexible retail opening hours. For store owners, they see business growth through increased footfall as Katell Lefeuvre, joint manager of Le Comptoir des Halles, a sustainable fresh produce and grocery store in Mordelles near Rennes, explains:

“As soon as we started our business, we wanted to join the UPS Access Point network because we knew that this concept could be a growth accelerator. Le Comptoir des Halles is located in a street with low footfall. The shoppers coming in because of the UPS Access Point have boosted our reputation and we have gained new, loyal customers. Open 6,5 days per week, we offer great flexibility, thus combining the benefits of online retail with those of local retail.”

The UPS Access Point network also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of last-mile delivery by reducing the amount of residential delivery stops and missed deliveries. Efficiencies like this support UPS’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Get involved: Learn more here on how to turn your shop into a UPS Access Point. To track down your nearest UPS Access Point location, look on this map.

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