UPS gets people moving

Helping to create more resilient communities through sport
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What’s new: The T-Mobile Olympic Run and Sazka Olympic Track and Field Events are both growing in popularity, causing logistics challenges for organizers. UPS is solving for this by taking care of all the logistics for both events.

Why it matters: The events collectively aim to motivate Czechs to get moving and promote healthy lifestyles. With UPS’s winning network taking care of all the logistics for both events, everyone else can focus on what matters most: taking part in sports.

What they’re saying: “The purpose of both sporting events is to encourage and motivate the public to exercise. Not to the top level but to regular everyday sports that keeps people fit and healthy,” says Daniela Marková, project manager at the Czech Olympic Committee.

“Both projects are logistically demanding to arrange. UPS’s support is crucial for us.”

Diving deeper: The T-Mobile Olympic Run, held on International Olympic Day, is the most popular running event in the Czech Republic open to the public. The event is held at 80 locations all over the country, with over 70,000 runners participating in 2021.

Sazka Olympic Track and Field Events is the most popular school sports project. Students participate throughout the school year. It helps children find their way to sports, discover the ideal sport discipline for them, and develop their talents. 

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