After health scare, UPS driver trades his truck for a bike

A win-win for one employee‘s health and for the environment
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Rewind a few years: UPS Germany driver Enrico Fees says he barely remembers his heart attack. Fortunately, emergency services arrived quickly to save his life that day.

His rehabilitation took grit and determination, but in a short time his doctor cleared him to return to work at UPS.

“Working as a full-time driver was out of the question at first – it would have been too much. So, I worked at the facility taking on what my body would allow,” said Enrico. “After some time though, I felt like I could do more.”

Finding success together: As it happened, UPS was planning a new sustainable “last-mile” delivery solution using cargo bikes. Knowing Enrico needed to balance work and his health, UPS Freiburg Manager Benno Rabach proposed a creative alternative: work mornings in the facility and then deliver part of the day using an e-cargo bike.

Fast-forward to today: “I’m incredibly grateful to UPS and the team. I get to continue delivering what matters … and do it in an environmentally friendly manner. My customers are delighted and my body gets the exercise it needs and deserves,” said Enrico.

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