Single mom Katheryn Cabanillas soars with UPS’s pay, benefits, opportunities

Looking for more than just a paycheck
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Katheryn Cabanillas was a single teenage mom looking for a way to provide a better life for her daughter, Gillian. In 2001, she found that opportunity at UPS. Fast forward 20 years and now an Air Division manager, Katheryn has grown her family and her career by taking advantage of UPS’s industry-leading pay, benefits and more. 

See how Katheryn took her shot at a corner office and changed her life: 


Did you know? At UPS, full- and part-time Teamsters-represented employees get generous healthcare plans that require no premiums, low or no co-insurance, and very low co-pays. In fact, part-time employees are eligible for 100% health coverage benefits shortly after joining UPS. 

From a job to a career: Like a lot of people, Katheryn started in a seasonal job at UPS in 2001 and was rehired the following year into a permanent job. In fact, one-third of our seasonal package handlers were later hired for permanent positions in 2022.   

Promote from within is a strong tradition – UPS’s management ranks include more than 18,000 employees who were promoted into management from union positions.  

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