Pro football player Greg Peach kicks off a new career with UPS’s winning team

‘I needed money, benefits and to finish my degree. UPS offered all of that.’
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Greg Peach found his passion for football as a child. He was gifted with the talent to play the game and the leadership skills to succeed as part of a team. He would use these natural abilities to become a key player in the Canadian Football League for seven years with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

A new opportunity: Football took Greg a long way – literally. He traveled the world as a semi-pro player, and eventually began to consider his next move.

“I came to UPS as a part-time loader, just looking to get my foot in the door. I needed money, I needed benefits and UPS offered it,” Greg said. “I needed to finish my degree, and they also offered tuition reimbursement.”

Earn while you learn: UPS’s part-time tuition reimbursement program Earn & Learn gives eligible employees the opportunity to earn up to $25,000 for college tuition and expenses. Part-time employees are eligible for this program from the day they are hired. And UPS invested $30 million in education assistance programs in 2021.

With the pay, benefits and flexibility offered by Greg’s new team, he started his own company dedicated to passing his coaching skills to the next generation.

“I started my own company, Pro Vision Academy, and then I was able to affect all the kids in the area instead of just one team, Greg said. “I believe what comes back to you is determined by the thoughts and intentions you put out.”

It’s all in the family: UPS’s management ranks include more than 18,000 employees who were promoted into management from union positions.

And for many, working with UPS becomes a family affair. Today, Greg works with his brother-in-law, who he brought on board with the help of UPS’s referral program.

“My brother-in-law is a hard-working kid. He’s loved sports and athletics his whole life. And so I knew it'd be easy for him to just hop in and get to work,” Greg said.

See how Greg and UPS are working together to coach the next generation of star players: 


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