UPS Jobs & Opportunity Report

In these pages, you will find the statistics, facts and a powerful reality about the more than 400,000 UPSers – all essential workers and many representing unions from across the U.S. – who live our purpose and proudly serve our customers every day . . . Each story reminds us that we deliver what matters for our employees and they deliver what matters most to you.

Nando Cesarone, EVP and President U.S.
Nando Cesarone

Our Jobs Change Lives

A job at UPS is more than a job. For many people around the country, it’s a life-long career with strong, reliable pay and benefits. It can lead to an education or promotion. Or an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get the support and benefits they need while they build their own businesses. At UPS, everyone can succeed – no college degree required.

  • 72,000

  • $42/hour

‘UPS has been really good to me’

‘UPS has been really good to me’

Bill Brenzy loves his career as a Minnesota delivery driver and a proud UPSer since 1979.

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Collaborating with Unions

We're proud to have worked collaboratively with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for almost 100 years. We’re the largest employer of Teamsters in the world, and together, we’ve created industry-leading benefits and wages for both full- and part-time union employees. We have other union partnerships including the International Association of Machinists, the Independent Pilots Association and the Transport Workers Union, and recently have reached agreements that are mutually beneficial for our people and our company.

  • 330,000

  • 25%

‘Circle of Honor drivers are among the safest on the road’

‘Circle of Honor drivers are among the safest on the road’

Teaching safety is very important and that's why UPS employs more than 200 professionals to teach, coach and counsel employees.

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Creating Success from Within

When you offer a path to success for employees, they tend to take you up on it. The result is helping people achieve economic mobility and creating a culture of people who love their work and love to tell you about it. With one of the strongest and longest-standing promote-from-within cultures of any company in America, we love supporting the career paths our employees choose.

  • 18,000

  • 14,000

  • 35,000

‘I’m choosing UPS as my career’
People Led

‘I’m choosing UPS as my career’

After seasonal work as a landscaper, Xavier Dubon was looking for a career change and set his sights on UPS.

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Earning a Degree

While our hourly jobs don’t require a college degree to earn strong pay and benefits, we know college is also a path to success for many. And at UPS, you don’t need to be in a full-time position to receive tuition assistance – eligible part-time employees can also receive this benefit the day they’re hired.

  • 141,000

  • $380M

  • $25,000

‘The company supported my desire to continue my education’
Great Employer

‘The company supported my desire to continue my education’

Brandit Campbell originally came to UPS to pay off a car loan, working as a package handler. After just three years, Brandit was promoted to division manager.

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Pursuing a Passion for Entrepreneurship

For many, our part-time union jobs are enticing simply because they offer similar benefits to our full-time positions – including low-to-no cost healthcare, paid time off and a pension. So, you’ll find entrepreneurs and small business owners among our team, with UPS providing consistent hours, strong pay and top-notch benefits that free them up to pursue their passions.

  • $0 premiums

  • 3.5 hours

  • $20/hour

‘It’s given me the opportunity to jump in and open a small business’

‘It’s given me the opportunity to jump in and open a small business’

With the help of his part-time hours, Steve Garcia has built a lasting career as a package handler and award-winning brewery owner.

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Why UPSers Stay

Working at UPS can be a family affair. Kids follow in their parents’ footsteps. Spouses work together. And we’re proud (but not too surprised) to see a majority of our drivers and inside operations employees tell their friends and family to come work at UPS.

  • 59,000

  • 90,000

‘It’s kind of emotional for me’
People Led

‘It’s kind of emotional for me’

Richie Guess was born and raised in Oklahoma. He taught his children, Tiffany and Cory, to pull trailers and drive trucks on their family farm and they all work at UPS now.

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The Best in the Industry

Maybe it's old school for a person to stay at one company for their entire career. But it’s not old school to be paid the best for what you do, have a secure retirement, get ample vacation time and sick leave, and not have to worry about healthcare coverage.

  • $95,000

  • $23,000

‘I was always going to be a UPSer’
Great Employer

‘I was always going to be a UPSer’

Chris Rosenfelt Jr. is a third-generation UPS driver in Pennsylvania, who recently received an award for his first year of safe driving, presented by his father, Chris Sr.

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Amplifying Our Impact

At UPS, we’re never ready to say good is good enough, which is why we operate from a mindset of constant improvement. We implement change when it’s needed and try new approaches to make things better.

Work/life balance

In early 2022, we sat down with full-time delivery drivers to explore ways to better meet their personal goals for work/life balance. When and where possible, we’re making changes based on those conversations.

Success from the start

We want our newest employees to be successful right from the start at UPS so we’re piloting an effort to reimagine their first days. As part of this pilot, we are launching new resources, trainings and tools designed to meet or new employees’ needs for information, appreciation and connection. We also emphasize our commitment to create and maintain a safe work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Women in operations training

In 2022, 120 women in part-time management jobs had the opportunity to participate in a new training program designed to help attract and retain women in operations roles. The specialized nine-week training provides mentor-guided support along with job skills training on topics that range from maintaining a safe workplace, providing world-class service, and training drivers.

Management training for veterans

We’re launching a new management training program designed to help military veterans quickly transition from active duty to civilian work and a UPS career. This program is a deep dive into how UPS works and a fast track to a full-time management position in delivery operations. The program is currently being piloted in California with plans to expand to Texas in 2023.

You belong at UPS

Embracing the spirit of inclusion, in 2020 and 2021 we made changes to our beard, hair, tattoo and piercing policies. We are also proud to support more than 200 business resource groups across the U.S. that create a safe space for UPSers who are Black, women, LGBTQIA+ or identify with other underrepresented communities. With “You Belong at UPS” as our rallying cry, we are committed to creating a workplace where every UPSer is welcomed and valued.

Service is in Our DNA

While our customers depend on the most reliable, on-time service in the industry, UPS doesn’t just deliver packages – we deliver good in the world. Since 1951, The UPS Foundation has returned more than $3B to communities where we live and serve. The Foundation’s mission is to deliver pathways to create resilient, just and safe communities by focusing on four areas: Health & Humanitarian Relief; Equity and Economic Empowerment; Local Community Engagement and Planet Protection.
Highlights of our impact through The UPS Foundation and Community Relations:

  • $69.4M gifted in grants and sponsorships worldwide in 2021
  • 1.5 million volunteer hours in 2022, totaling 25.5 million volunteer hours since 2011
  • 100,000 volunteer hours recorded in underserved Black communities
  • $1.8M in scholarships for UPS children in 2022
  • 45 disasters and global crises supported in 2022
  • 28M trees planted globally for a more environmentally just world

Learn more about our social impact in our 2021 Social Impact Report.

Our Global Reach

  • 534,000

  • 200+

  • 25.2M

  • 1,800

Report Methodology

This report details UPS’s U.S. small package workforce. These employees deliver what matters for UPS customers and communities every day and include the approximately 330,000 employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The report does not include data from our International Small Package, Supply Chain Solutions or Corporate business units.