We Have Take-Off: Polish Businesses Get Boost From New UPS Air Connections

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Warsaw, Poland

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the economy in Poland is recovering faster than anyone could have expected. Industrial production is up 1.1% compared to 2019 and UPS is helping businesses in Poland take full advantage with the opening of two new air connections from Gdańsk airport and Copernicus airport in Wrocław.

”It’s like our customers were waiting for this moment”, says a relieved Grażyna Kur, a UPS Air supervisor at Gdańsk airport. ”It was definitely a challenge to get this new air gateway completed during the pandemic, but our people really stepped up to get it done and now the gateway is functioning as if it has always been here.”

At the airport in Wrocław, another UPS Air Supervisor, Beata Rybczak, is equally as excited about the new gateway: ”From the very first moment when the first plane landed, the unloading, sorting and loading ran exactly to plan, and I knew I was witnessing a momentous occasion for businesses in the area, especially those that have been struggling this year.” said Beata.

The airports join UPS’s existing air connections in Warsaw, Katowice and Poznań. Thanks to the new air connections, which have a joint daily capacity of over 11 tons, UPS customers in the Lower Silesia and Gdansk regions will now have three to five extra hours per day to collect customer orders that can be shipped the same day. They can then capitalize on UPS’s fastest delivery times with Express shipments to Western Europe and selected areas of the US and Asia.

“Efficient, fast and reliable supply chains are an essential competitive advantage for any business,” says Piotr Sitarek, country manager for UPS Poland. “They can significantly lower costs, reduce the time to market, and increase customer satisfaction. These new air connections will help more Polish companies get more of their products to markets around the world faster and more efficiently, and help their businesses to flourish. They exemplify our company’s purpose of keeping the world moving by delivering what matters.”

One of the local businesses that stands to benefit from the new air connections is Sandvik: a global engineering company with unique expertise in materials technology and industrial processes and employs 40,000 people. “We are very pleased about the introduction of the new air connections, as it significantly accelerates the delivery of our products, which is of critical importance for the timely processing of orders for our customers,” says Sandvik’s Dominika Buczko.

Exporting products is a great way for companies to spread their wings and expand into international markets. Particularly for the manufacturing, engineering and production sectors, introducing products to foreign markets can help to boost sales, increase revenues and improve brand awareness.

UPS’s newly expanded portfolio of five air connections across Poland also strengthens local companies’ export trade lanes to key markets including Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as opening opportunities to supply the strong import trends from China, Canada, India and Turkey. The future looks even brighter for Polish businesses as they reach new customers, wherever they are in the world.