Open the gates and let the recognition in

UPSers honored at larger-than-life ceremony at world expo
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What’s New: The opening of Expo 2020’s towering gates is an honor reserved for a select group of expo partners and sponsors. As the official logistics sponsor of the world expo in Dubai, UPS had the distinction of opening the sustainability gates. UPS used this prestigious opportunity to recognize local UPSers who were nominated by coworkers and customers for their commitment to moving our world forward by delivering what matters.

Each set of the massive carbon fiber lattice structures leads to an expo focus area – mobility, opportunity or sustainability.

In praise of UPSers: “These individuals have contributed across different facets of our organization, and their achievements reflect the resilience of UPSers,” said Abbas Panju, Gulf Cooperation Council country manager. “They not only played an important part in our journey to deliver Expo 2020, but they’ve been highly commended by customers and fellow UPSers for exceeding expectations.”

Watch as UPSers open the gates to the sustainability area at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Congratulations to the UPSers recognized at Expo 2020 

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